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Wear an Instakilt on the beach, around the pool, at a party, any time you need some fun.

WAS $29.95 NOW ON

SALE $24.95

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It is summer time, are you ready for the Highland games? Try your kilt on, if it shrunk in the cupboard or you have been working out and your kilt needs alteration or cleaning bring it in to the shop and we will fix it up. Hope you are keeping well and we will see you soon.

April and Bill

Kilts Made Right In Store

At the Scottish Company we make kilts right here in the shop. Also we carry a large selection of highland wear acessories. We even have the sword that you see in the photograph. Sporrans, skean dhubs, kilt pins and plaid brooches to meet your hearts desire.

Audio CD The Robert Burns Story by John Cairney

It is difficult to talk about Robert Burns without mentioning John Cairney, the actor who is without doubt Burn's best known interpreter in recent times. The two have become indivisibly linked through a series of performances beginning with John's famous one-man show, 'There Was A Man', through Scottish Television's 'Burns' and the first issue of this CD in 1976 as a double LP. Now you can have your own copy for just $19.95.

Be clanish.

We have a many items ranging from key rings to clan rings,to shot glasses and flasks.In jewelery; brooches,pendants, ear rings and bracelets.

Wear this with pride.

All available in gold, silver or pewter.

A great gift.

Sure to please.

A ring for any finger.

Definately a sharing gift.

Share a dram with friends.

that adds to your tartan.

A kilt pin that says it all.

Cheers. send me an email

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